Trimming the Christmas Tree

While Justin had dreamt of picking out the Christmas tree with Seren while I was home snuggling with a newborn, and I had dreamt of decorating the Christmas tree as an early labor project, we were both a little off. No matter. We decided to pick out a tree this past Saturday and have fun with it even though I’m neither snuggling a newborn nor in early labor. Simply giganticly pregnant. We had a great time – I love Christmas trees and Justin loves family activities — he took most of the day off to spend with us.

Here they are exploring our options at our favorite local nursery. Christmas-tree-2015-1

As I said, giantly pregnant. Christmas-tree-2015-2

The tree nursery had cookies to enjoy. Christmas-tree-2015-3

Here’s our little beauty. Justin and Seren are putting it in the stand and trimming off branches that stick out.  Christmas-tree-2015-19

We made some homemade pizza, in the meantime, using Justin’s bread dough. Yum!

Christmas music and decorating the Christmas tree. My idea of heaven.


We all took a break for nap time. Seren and I slept for a couple hours while Justin ran into lab to get some work done. Once we were awake he came back home and decorating resumed.Christmas-tree-2015-6







Seren was SO excited about putting the star on top. She’s familiar because we have a Little Critter book where Little Critter gets to put the star up on the Christmas tree. Not only that, but Seren’s name means star and Gramma calls her ‘my little Star’ so she just loves sparkly stars. It was funny, though. Earlier in the evening she had been begging to wear her Elsa gloves while we decorated the tree. However, when she was wearing her Elsa gloves she was dropping some pretty fragile ornaments so we asked her to take them off, some debating ensued, and an agreement was made that she could wear her gloves to put the star on at the end. Well, we forgot! So here she is putting the star up without the gloves.Christmas-tree-2015-13






And here she is re-doing it with her gloves on, once she realized we’d all forgotten. Ha!



Justin’s Birthday 2015

Justin had a birthday this week! I had a fantasy of having this baby on his birthday — I was born on my Dad’s birthday and always loved it (although he joked that his birthday ended the day I was born as I got all the attention from there after). Anyways, that didn’t happen.

Justin came to my midwife appointment on his birthday.We managed to have a nice picnic lunch date at a park with some Indian take-out before our appointment.  It was a long appointment as now we’re past 41 weeks a non stress test and fluid check were on the docket. Luckily, being at the birth center, we were able to accomplish all of this in our normal prenatal appointment, no driving for different appointments at alternate locations needed. I was really nervous about it, though. The test and fluid check ultrasound are totally standard and there was no real reason for me to worry at all, it’s just that we have all these memories of all the NSTs we had with Seren’s pregnancy, going post date, and hooking up to those monitoring machines really is not my favorite. I just wish we weren’t here again, past 41 weeks, staring down a deadline of 42 weeks. If wishes were horses poor men would ride, right? (the origins of that saying must be old…) Of course the baby looks great and all is well so we continue to wait.

Justin’s continuing to work really hard, getting as much done as he can before the baby arrives, but he did take the evening off and  we celebrated after he returned home from work in the evening.

Here is a poorly lit photo of the cake. Seren led our creative direction with copious quantities of sprinkles and the candles in a smile shape.


Seren was so excited about his cake that we lit the candles, sang and had a little taste before going out for dinner.


We walked to dinner as the midwife is encouraging me to walk more. We ended up walking twice as far as we planned as the restaurant we wanted to go to had a super long wait — but it was fun walking as a family. I’m glad we walked.

At dinner, Seren and Justin collaborated on some drawing. Here she is guiding his hand.


We lucked out and there was live music at the restaurant! The musician performed Reggae/Hawaiian style music and it just lifted the mood! Seren loved the music and free style danced to it. It was so incredibly cute. Here are two videos. The lighting is poor, but hopefully you get a feel for her dance style. She just lets loose and moves with the music. I love it so much.


Thanksgiving 2015

With our ‘guess date’ for this baby the day before Thanksgiving, we invited our families to our place and hosted the big feast.

I had a vision of using Seren’s Preschool crafts as center pieces, however, she didn’t come home with any crafts. Don’t they know that the main reason I send her to preschool is how much I love the crafts she comes home with? Alas, we had to do some crafting on our own. Thanksgiving-2015-1




Thanksgiving morning we put up some Christmas lights on our porch. I wanted them on after Thanksgiving dinner.Thanksgiving-2015-5


Our family helped with preparations, Lusenda steamed the table cloths. She also took Seren out to run off some steam, and put a quick load of laundry through. We were so grateful for her help, but it made us laugh, she’s our Lusinderalla! Thanksgiving-2015-7





I told Justin to go pretend to prepare the turkey. I didn’t mean for him to actually pretend.



Justin preparing the turkey. He was so excited about this – his first time cooking the turkey. He spatchcocked it (spelling?). I don’t know, being the family vegetarian, but he crowd sourced suggestions from his twitter people and apparently got some good advice as he was proud of how it turned out and our families had good things to say about it! Thanksgiving-2015-11

This is how I spent much of my day. I’d bustle around a bit, cleaning and tidying, then lay down and let everyone else do the heavy lifting in terms of cooking, preparing and such.Thanksgiving-2015-12

We put together a nice Thanksgiving table in our tiny abode, if I do say so myself.  It took over the entire living space, but hey, we made it work! Thanksgiving-2015-13



We enjoyed hosting, although our guests did much of the work of bringing food and helping to set up. I’m grateful that both of our families were able to come out for Thanksgiving. Although I was disappointed to not have a little baby in arms for the big feast, it was very fun and special having our family here for the big day.

Daily Life – November 2015

Life with a 3 year old:

A routine visit to the CVS minute clinic turns into a dance party. Tinny overhead elevator-esque music and all.11-2015-Daily life-1

11-2015-Daily life-2

Mall trips actually mean playground visits.11-2015-Daily life-3

11-2015-Daily life-4

11-2015-Daily life-5

Parties include fairy wings and fairy wands.

11-2015-Daily life-6

Picnics can be created from the randomest of items.11-2015-Daily life-7

11-2015-Daily life-8Bathtime snuggles with Mommy and Baby.

11-2015-Daily life-9

Princess dresses and shark shoes.11-2015-Daily life-10


Princess dresses for hiking.11-2015-Daily life-12

11-2015-Daily life-13

11-2015-Daily life-14

Dinner parties with pregnant people. 11-2015-Daily life-15

Morning swing dances with Daddy. 11-2015-Daily life-16

Beach visits with friends.11-2015-Daily life-17

11-2015-Daily life-18

11-2015-Daily life-19

Dance parties in the living room.11-2015-Daily life-21

Brunch Celebration


Dear Kara planned a brunch celebration for Kigglet2 and I. It was so incredibly lovely. I did a terrible time documenting it with photos, though. I grabbed my phone at random times and didn’t get a photo of everyone at the brunch, sigh. Afterwards a few of us went to get manicures and pedicures — which I didn’t take any photos of AT ALL. Sigh. It was such a lovely day, though. So wonderful and I cried like a million times everyone was so sweet and loving and supportive.


Rochelle came in from Arizona and surprised me. This is the best photo of I have of her. 2015-Brunch-1

Here’s the best photo I have of the organizer of the entire day, Kara (next to Hilary, of course).


And Dani! Who has since birthed her baby!


Our doula, Julie.


I requested just one thing, no baby gifts but instead a bead from each woman to put together into a birthing necklace. The notes explaining why each picked the bead/stone they did were so amazing and loving and lots of them made me cry.


Hilary surprised me by coming down from LA. And stuck around after the mani/pedis to do some beading!


A few days later, after all the beads had made their way to me, this was the finished product. It’s so awesome. I love it so much. I can’t wait to wear it!


Party of Three